We have done away with traditional classrooms, subject areas, and age-based grades. Students will work together with their mentor teacher to design a timetable, commit to projects, and work on mastering the skills needed to achieve their specific set goals.Course work will be varied and challenging. Accountability, completion, and competency are at the core of our evaluation process.

Foundational Courses

Foundation courses are rooted in core competencies and applied across disciplines. You will spend time each trimester focusing on these and immediately see how what you’re learning is applied in the real world.

Foundational courses are proficiency and competency checks executed in a blended learning environment, think of them as the basics.

Principles of design, visual information, and aesthetics

Informational, narrative, casual/social, academic, research, and professional

Basic mathematics

Informational, creative, casual, academic, research, and professional

Building, creating, using tools, and problem-solving in 3d space

Presentation, rhetoric, debate, clarity, confidence, public, and professional

Basic physics, biology, geology, and chemistry

Management, organization, responsibility, politics, and follow-through

Cause/effect, continuity/change, scientific relationships, history, and environment

Universal Courses

Designed by passionate experts, our multiple disciplinary courses engage in a comprehensive understanding of how the information applies within the complex systems of our world. Courses may take place over a few days, weeks, a trimester, or a whole year. Here are a few examples of what we may offer:

Focus on analyzing and understanding social media, news, ads, political speeches, and media history.

Combine the study of geography, geopolitics, conflict, resources and resource management into a holistic understanding of globalization and current events.

Discover where food comes from, how to make it, how the environment creates/ adapts; including an examination of historic and potential future models.

What numbers tell us about the world, how to critically examine and apply them in various industries.

Explore Adobe suite, UX, graphics, typography, and advertising.

Personal: Deal with personal budgets, investment, credit, loans, college; how students as individuals can deal with money.

Exploring current and historic models for local, national, and global governance.

Authentic Assessment

Lark Academy does not use traditional grades, standardized tests, or bell curves as a measure of success. We focus on mastery and accountability.

We have joined the Mastery Transcript Consortium, working with hundreds of private and public schools and college admissions officers nationwide to reimagine the high school transcript.

Students will exit Lark Academy with an electronic transcript and portfolio showing their accomplishments, highlighting interests, and displaying credits in a format college admissions officers and professional businesses understand.

If your goals are college, great, we will help you get there. If you want to apply your job skills immediately or start your own company, wonderful, we can help you with that, too. The world is rapidly changing and there are so many opportunities out there, there is no single path to success or satisfaction.

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