IDE Application

We believe the pursuit of innovation, design, and entrepreneurship applies to all fields and encompasses all learners. We generally recommend students be rising freshmen to rising juniors. That said, we don’t really believe in grade bands and understand a rising 8th grader, senior, or recent graduate may be an equally good fit for our cohort.

If this program feels right to you and you are a teen (aged 13-19), apply. We want to hear from you.

Please contact with any questions.


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Please have the student's personal statement ready before completing the online form.

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Household Information

This information is optional for families to provide, however, it is highly useful in our demographic data. We greatly appreciate all answers! Responses will not influence the application.


Parent StatementCompleted by PARENT

We know your child is more than just an academic record. In a short response, please answer the questions below.


Student StatementCompleted by Student

Attach typed Student Statement. This is a chance for us to get to know you, there are no right or wrong answers. Submissions must be typed and should long enough to fully respond each question. Feel free to include images, links, video, or other personalizations to your statement as you see fit.

1) Tell us about yourself and what matters to you.
2) Explain a topic you are passionate about and how it has influenced your life.
3) If you could work to solve one problem in your life, your community, or in the world right now- what problem would you focus on and why?

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After the application has been reviewed, there will be a follow-up interview prior to admittance to the program.