Our Top 5 Favorite Education Disruptors

There are many schools out there who are redesigning and redefining what school can be, in essence, they are fellow educational disruptors! They are tackling the “why?” of education and creating learning environments that are above and beyond the traditional school model, pushing young people to challenge both themselves and the status quo. 

Check our list of private high schools that we think are crushing it!


Brightworks is a school based on the principle that everything is interesting. They trust that children are instinctual learners and honor their leadership and partnership in their educational path. The school sets topics for exploration and encourages students to take on projects they are passionate about, while also fostering the development of a multitude of skills. Students are full partners in their own education, and every student is known and understood by their collaborators and the staff. 

Why we love  them:

This school is a great example of using curiosity, project based learning, and holistic education to drive educational practices. The school itself is based on a model that supports the students in being active collaborators in their own education. Education at Brightworks does not end with academics—the school supports the development of the whole child and teachers act as mentors to the students, getting to know each one as an individual and supporting both academic and personal growth. 

Blue School

Blue school believes that kids have enormous potential for courageous and creative work. In the teen years, the human brain changes at a rate matched only by the first three years of life. Blue School is designed to harness the potential of young people and compel them to act on their ideas, pursue high levels of scholarship, and become more fully realized as people and learners. 

Why we love them:

This school works with the developing teenage brain instead of fighting against it. A teen is thinking in new ways all of the time, they feel more strongly about things, and are more flexible in their thought process. Instead of trying to industrialize education and force students to power through boring and irrelevant topics, their natural ability to learn is capitalized on. 

Think Global

The philosophy of Think Global is based on cultural beliefs from all over the world. They are committed to connecting classroom learning to authentic, experiential learning by providing a uniquely international education. This school is all about providing students with a holistic education focused on intellect, physicality, and spirit – giving each individual room to reach their full potential. 

Why we love them:

Students who graduate from Think Global are truly part of the global community. At the forefront of Think Global curriculum is the importance of curiosity and how it drives deep learning, the benefit of developing a sense of self, embracing challenges, and working collaboratively.

Nueva School

At Nueva, learning reflects life. Nueva is committed to preparing students to live in today’s deeply integrated and complex world. No matter what their age, gifted learners need to grapple with relevant and meaningful problems, discover ways to address them, and reflect on their own growing capabilities to do so. Interdisciplinary learning makes this possible. When students launch inquiries that span various traditional school subjects, they view and experience the world as naturally interconnected.

Why we love them:

One of the major complaints overheard by teachers is that students are bored and that their education does not have any relevance to their life. At Nueva, they are able to teach young people in a way that helps them look at the world as a whole and empowers them to choose topics that interest them, combating boredom in the classroom. 

Big Picture School

Big Picture School is all about, well, the big picture, with a heavy emphasis on student-centered education. And, a big part of a student-centered education is the involvement of parents in the learning process. This means parents take part in choosing topics of interest and areas of study with their students. It also means helping parents support their student at home, outside of classroom hours. Studies show that students with involved parents have better attendance rates, higher levels of engagement, and ultimately, better learning outcomes. Students are also part of a mentorship program in which a professional helps support learning in a real world environment. 

Why we love them: 

When parents and family are involved in their student’s learning process, students succeed, and we love how involved parents are at Big Picture School. This means it is a place where students are actively invested in their learning and are challenged to pursue their interests by a supportive community of educators, professionals, and family members. The student-centered approach to learning and teaching allows students to be fueled by their curiosity, creating intrinsically motivated learners. 

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