2020 Program Update

Lark Academy was originally conceived as a learner-centered high school at home in a coworking space with in-person internships and international travel- a lot has changed in just a few months. We have put our in-person plans on hold due to the pandemic with hopes of revisiting them in 2021. Responding and adapting to the current needs of our community, we are creating relevant virtual programs to support teens and families.   

 There will be two main offerings for teens this fall: 

  1. The Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship or IDE Program: This is a small virtual pilot of Lark’s program model that focuses on the development of 21st-century skills through project-based learning and mentorship. With a maximum of 15 students per cohort, students will meet live online several days a week, collaborate, and connect. Students will be required to identify a problem, research and develop a solution, and tangibly execute that solution with the guidance of their mentor and feedback from experts. Our goal is to provide empowerment, problem-solving, and socio-emotional wellness to build resilient young adults capable of navigating these uncertain times. The currently planned start date is September 21, 2020.   
  2. Lark Labs: Each month Lark Labs will gather teachers, experts, artists, engineers, and other professionals who will host short courses and workshops aimed at cultivating interests and inspiring minds. This program aims to stimulate learners into exploring and engaging in new hobbies, skills, and building online connections with peers through shared virtual space. Any teen can sign up for these (regardless of where they are enrolled) as courses are priced individually. Courses will range from the fun and fanciful to practical adulthood oriented instruction. Starting this fall!

We recognize this is an uncomfortable moment in history and this upheaval has affected all aspects of society. Education and school may never look quite like it did a year ago. We are taking this opportunity to build a more human, more just, and more relevant system in its place. 

We want to create a resilient anti-racist active and informed citizenry for the 21st Century. Knowledge is power and the future is what we fight for.  

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