The most common thing we hear from people, “I wish I had gone to a high school like that!”. Don’t worry, through our à la carte offerings you can partake in awesome programs, meet cool people, and gain new skills by joining our workshops, events, panels, and short-form courses at almost any age. Our goal is to provide relevant, applicable information to students, teachers, and anyone interested in expanding their skills and knowledge.

Courses fall into three main categories and are designed in collaboration with experts-

  • Adulthood 101- Things you wish you’d learned in high school like personal finance, management strategies, marketing yourself, networking skills, and emotional intelligence. These skills are designed to help you now or as you prepare for independence for anyone age 16+.
  • Professional Development- Expand your working skills and knowledge. Some of these programs are geared at educators looking to bring innovation into their teaching. Others are for non-educators looking to work on curriculum, training, management, and leadership skills to bring to their office.
  • Creative Expansion- Explore curiosity, develop hobbies, and have some fun with people that share your interests. Never stop learning.

Course List Coming Soon!

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