In light of COVID-19, our founder, Elizabeth Dowell, will be taking on a cohort of students to support curiosity during these school closures. This will be a learner-centered and highly individualized virtual program with a focus on exploring interests, deepening knowledge, and strengthening skills.

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Our Application
Requires Three Parts

There are three parts to our application, all the big stuff is completed by the student, this is your education after all. We want to get to know you. If selected, you will be invited to interview, so you can get to know us too.

Please prepare all assignments below before beginning the online form.


Student Personal StatementCompleted by Student

This is a chance for us to get to know you, there are no right or wrong answers. Submissions must be one page typed, Times New Roman, 12pt font, 1.5 space, 1in margins.

Choose one of the prompts below.

Please indicate which prompt you have selected at the top of your document.

  1. Share something you are passionate about and how it has influenced your life.
  2. Write about who you are and what matters to you/ what you believe in.

Attach your document at the end of our online form.


Student Entry PortfolioCompleted by Student

Select three (3) examples of work that you feel best represents who you are.

Choose pieces that exemplify who you are or what you are interested in.

Portfolio can include items created for school, extra-curriculars, or projects done on your own time. Examples include, but are not limited to: writing, art, code, performance, design, athletics, research, invention, events, and leadership.

Regardless of the original medium, all samples of your work must be submitted digitally. Use writing, videos, and/or images to give us an accurate picture of what you are showcasing.

For example, if you created a robot send us pictures or a video of the robot, rather than the robot itself. If you performed or composed music, send us a video or audio recording of the performance. If you programmed a game, send a screen capture of it. Links to work already online are also acceptable.

Write a short explanation of each sample you’re including, why you chose it, and the process by which you created it.

Include any visuals, as described above.

Attach your portfolio examples at the end of our online form, or include website URLs in appropriate field.


Online Application FormCompleted by Parent

Please prepare the following items, then collect your student's assignments and begin the online form.

Parent Statement

In a short response give us a candid snapshot of who your child is:

  • What challenges, successes, or frustrations have you faced regarding their education?
  • What hopes do you have for your child’s education?
Records Request

Please complete and submit a record request form to your child's current school requesting the current or past academic year (2018-19 and/or 2019-20) transcripts/report cards. While the current year is preferred, we understand some schools may not have that information available at the time of your application.

Lark students need to be curious, adaptable, and ready to challenge themselves. We are an unconventional program, so admission isn’t about grades or test scores. Our application process is geared toward getting to know prospective students beyond academics.

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